The second workshop of the project “Empowering the people of Pelagonija” was realized effectively and efficiently!

Young people from 7 Municipalities had the opportunity to experience these two concepts through effective and efficient training in the Fitness Center “SHE”, that is, they had the opportunity to practically understand mutual connection and opposition of these two terms. The Fitness Senior trainer through several exercises explained to the participants the need for effective, but also an efficient training to achieve the goals in the shortest period of time.

This principle was reflected in the work of local self-government through a series of interesting and striking examples, presented by an international expert on local development, Aleksander Karaev. He emphasized that the role of local self-government is to provide quality, efficient and effective services, while the key factors to achieve this are: quality human resources, organizational culture, legislation, leadership, management and resources.

Through practical examples and associations recognizable for young people, scenarios of an effective and efficient Municipality were reviewed.

At last, the conclusion was clear:

“Efficiency is doing things right, while effectiveness is doing the right things.”

Published on December, 2021

The municipalities of Pelagonija committed to transparency and inclusion of young people in their work within the project “Empowerment of the people in Pelagonija”, the beginning of which was marked at the Opening Ceremony in Bitola.

By signing the Memorandum for Open Municipalities and Cooperation within the project, the Mayors of Pelagonija municipalities: Resen, Krivogashtani, Krushevo, Demir Hisar, Mogila, Dolneni, and Novaci, confirmed that they will strive to promote democracy and development processes, in order to encourage young people towards active participation in public life and creation of local policies.

The regional event was opened by the Chargé d’affaires at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Mr. Robert Decker, the Mayor of Bitola and President of the Council for Development of the Pelagonija Region, Mr. Toni Konjanovski while on behalf of the organizer, Pro Local, the participants were addressed by the President of the organization, Mrs. Emilia Gjeroska. They all emphasized the importance of the broad coalition within the project among municipalities, civil society organizations, and the target group – young people from the Pelagonija region.

In front of more than a hundred attendees from local governments, civil society, and youth in the region of Pelagonija, were presented the international funds available to apply for the implementation of projects submitted by municipalities and civil society organizations.

The EU programs in our country were presented by Karl Giacinti, Programme Manager Delegation of the European Union, who emphasized that the European Union has a serious fund that is open to applicants from our country as implemented through various programs but that there are procedures that municipalities should master in order to become beneficiaries of these grants.

Beti Bakovska, Advisor from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands presented the MATRA Program which is open to the civil society sector and through which this project is supported.

Mirjana Makedonska – National Program Officer from the Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development, presented the projects implemented by SDC, which are intended for the municipalities in Pelagonija, while Biljana Gugoska Cvetanovska, Head of the Department for Democratic Governance at UNDP announced the projects that during 2022 will be implemented in order to promote development in the municipalities in the region. Natasa Nikolovska Stankovic from the SRMA project implemented through USAID explained the opportunities for the inclusion of municipalities as users of their services.

The project “Empowerment the people of Pelagonija”, led by Pro Local from Bitola, in partnership with nine other local organizations in the region: Volvox – Bitola, European Perspective – Bitola, Youth Alliance – Krushevo, Humanity for Youth – Desovo, LAG Agro Leader – Krivogashtani, LAG – Prespa, ECO Gerila – Prespa, Center for Creative Industries – NEBO and Civic Active Ikarus – Demir Hisar, with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands will be realized in the next 12 months with intensive activities in the municipalities of Resen, Krushevo, , Novaci, Mogila, Krivogashtani and Dolneni.

Published on December, 2021

The first workshop was held in two parts, the first part was in Otesevo, with the participants from the municipalities: Demir Hisar, Resen, Mogila, from the first micro-region and in Krushevo, with the participants from the municipalities: Krushevo, Krvogashtani and Doleni, from the second micro-region, on the topic: Participation, representation, fair conduct of elections.

The purpose of this workshop is through demonstration and practical application of the teoretical knowledge, participants to gain more knowledge about the electoral process in a democratic state. Experts Borce Dimitrovski and Ivan Durgutov share knowledge between mediators and participants about good democratic practices based on previous experiences.

Representatives of other non-governmental organizations from this project also participated in this workshop: ECO GUERRILLA – Prespa, LAG Agro Leader, European Perspective, Civic Active Icarus, Center for Creative Ideas – NEBO, Volvox Bitola and NGO – Humanity to Youth, alliance – Krushevo and LAG Prespa.



Published on November, 2021

The workshop, which took place in Skopje and lasted for five days, was intended for homeless people. Emilia Geroska from Pro Local and Dejan Stankovic од from In Vivo had their presentation at the beginning, and they presented their organizations as well as the goals and agenda of the project “HOPE”, in front of the participants. This workshop was also attended by many educators who aimed to encourage participants to turn their potential into a product or skill. The successful theoretical part ended with practical activities, where participants had the opportunity to be part of making fountains, where they had the opportunity to show their skills. Finally, through an interesting debate between educators and participants, it was concluded that there is always a way for sustainable reintegration.

Published on November, 2021

The President of the NGO Pro Local, Emilia Gjeroska, today visited the municipality of Demir Hisar and together with the mayor of the municipality, Nikola Najdovski talked within the project “Empowering the people of Pelagonija”, supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Northern Macedonia.

This project includes young people from the municipality of Demir Hisar, who together with the mayor and the municipal council, will participate in the adoption of public policies, ie they together with the municipal administration will debate on the principles of work and good governance. Also, through intensive activities in the next 10 months, it will be possible for young people to have easy access to all the activities necessary for the realization of the projects, which are of great importance for the advancement of the local community.

Published on November, 2021

“Empowering the people of Pelagonija” is a project funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, whose implementation began on 01.11.2021 and will last for the next 12 months. This project aim is to increase the motivation of people from rural areas to take a greater part in public life.

The realization of this project is led by the NGO PRO LOCAL from Bitola, in partnership with eight other non-governmental organizations from Pelagonija region: ECO GERILLA – Prespa, LAG Agro Leader, European Perspective, Civic Active Icarus, Center for Creative Ideas in Bitola and NGO – Humanity towards the youth – Dolneni, Youth Alliance-Krushevo and LAG Prespa. Besides these organizations, the municipalities are also included: Resen, Mogila, Novaci, Krivogashtani, Krushevo, Dolneni and Demir Hisar, with their representatives.

The first working meeting was held on 14.10.2021 in the newly opened Multifunctional Centre in the village of Sloeshtica, whose goal was to present in details the activities to be undertaken in the implementation of this project.

More information from the working meetings of the partner organizations and all other activities, on our profiles on social networks:



Published on October, 2021

At the joint two-day partnership meeting of the ERASMUS + HOPE project in Athens, Greece, PRO LOKAL had an excellent opportunity for cooperation with IN VIVO from Skopje, Challedu from Greece and LIBERITUTTI SOCIETA from Italy. The purpose of this partnership meeting was to motivate and empower people with fewer opportunities, who have some potential and knowledge. It was discussed how they would turn their skills into a product, from which they would also have a sustainable skill.

The first day was reserved for a meeting where the coordinators of all organizations presented their experiences and also pointed out their questions regarding the methodology for project implementation.

The second day was intended for creative educators from all four organizations, who discussed specific topics, is capacity building for working with adults with fewer opportunities. Evgenija Zdravevska from PROLOKAL, special educator, talked to other educators about the way in which a structural plan would be implemented, with which people would most effectively turn their ideas and skills into a certain creative product.

Published on September, 2021

HOPE project partners met at a kick-off meeting to set the implementation pace and define visibility and dissemination principles. All of the 4 partners, INVIVO from Skopje, Pro Local from Bitola, Libertitti from Turin and Challedu from Thessaloniki are excited to start cooperating for a first time and for such a noble cause – to help and empower people with fewer opportunities to develop their artistic potentials into marketable skills!

The HOPE project has a three-fold effect. Our specific project objectives are:
First, to help people to develop their creativity into artistic skills.
Second, to foster social inclusion of the people with disadvantaged backgrounds through arts and third, to promote social entrepreneurship in all 3 partner countries, North Macedonia, Italy and Greece.

Published on April, 2021

PROLOCAL Team is happy to announce the award of ERASMUS KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices; KA227 – Partnerships for Creativity project HOPE.

ProLocal partnered with In VIVO from Skopje, Challedu from Greece and LIBERITUTTI SOCIETA from Italy to jointly develop and organize social inclusion activities. EmPOWERing people with fewer opportunities to meet their full potentials through creativity and social farming is the main focus of HOPE project.

In North Macedonia, we will work in Skopje and Pelagonija region, identifying the needs and opportunities for the primary target living out of the urban centers thus facing lack of community social activities.

Creative outputs will be disseminated exchanging among final beneficiaries of the three countries as well online availability for the wider audience.