Young talents through the project “Empowering the people of Pelagonija 2”

The 9th training within the project “Empowering the people of Pelagonija 2” was held in Ohrid (02-03.02.2024).
With a motivating start, the young people presented their ideas/projects in front of representatives from the municipalities. They had the opportunity to share their ideas, but also to hear all the procedures and actions that will be needed in the entire project implementation process. At the end of this working session, the 9 best ideas were selected.
We continued with the personal development workshop together with the expert Toni Popov, an artist, on the topic “How to use your talents”. We talked about what talent means and how to know that we have it, what things are needed to develop talent and how to deal with challenges and the fear of failure. We ended the workshop with an artistic act, so each of the participants captured their creativity with the help of paints and paper.
We finished the first day of this training with Dejan Ristevski, an IT expert, who discussed with a certain number of participants about the creation of an electronic tool with which all young people from Pelagonija would enter into communication with contact persons from the municipalities in the simplest and fastest way.
We started the second day with German Filkov, analyst and researcher in the field of good governance, on the topic “Transparency and accountability of local self-government”. The workshop began with an explanation of the meaning of the terms transparency and accountability, and then the young people discussed how transparent and accountable the municipalities and institutions in Pelagonija are.
Mihaela Stojanovska, a participant from the previous generation of the project “Empowering the people of Pelagonija”, shared her experience in the project, but also her talent for photography. She pointed out that her talent as a photographer surfaced, taking pictures through the activities of the project. She encouraged the youth to express their talents and abilities regardless of the circumstances.
In the end, Teona Kolodezni, who is a participant in the project, presented all the proposed designs needed for the project’s visibility, while the participants chose one that will be the trademark of all participants in the project “Empowering the people of Pelagonija 2”.

February, 2024